An aircraft accidents response search and rescue operations coordination center was established at the Turkmenabat International Airport for quick and coordinated response to emergencies.

The Turkmenabat International Airport meets the category 9 fire safety requirements. The airport has a 15,70 meter high tower to monitor aircrafts takeoff and landing operations.



Fire truck Kamaz-12 60-63501 8X8, water bucket capacity 11300 l, foam bucket capacity 700 l, fuel bucket volume 220 liters, has the ability to cover the runway with foam to ensure the landing of aircraft without landing gear, in the combat crew are 6 lifeguard.

KAMAZ-8.0 (30-60) (43118)

Fire truck Kamaz-8.0 (30-60) (43118) 6Х6, bucket capacity with water 7500 l, bucket capacity with foam 500 l, fuel tank volume 220 l, it is possible to cover the runway with foam, in the combat crew there are 6 rescuers


Fire truck MAN -FLF-80-114-14 + 250P 6X6, water bucket capacity 11400 l, foam bucket capacity 1400 l, powder bucket capacity - 250 kg, fuel tank capacity 300 l, combat crew includes 2 rescuers

MAN Ziegler Reskue (ASA)

Emergency rescue vehicle MAN Ziegler Rescue (ASA) TGM-13-240 4x4, designed to deliver personnel to the place of emergency rescue operations, there are 2 rescuers in the combat crew. The volume of the fuel tank is 80 liters. Ziegler Rescue has a stationary power generator, a portable power generator, hydraulic, electrical and hand tools for rescue operations.


The KAMAZ ASA-20 6X6 rescue vehicle is designed to deliver the rescue personnel to the place of rescue operations. There are 2 rescuers in the combat crew. The ASA-20 has a stationary crane, lifting weight 1.5 tons, an electric generator of 20 kW, there are hydraulic, electrical and manual tools for emergency rescue operations.