Turkmenabat is a large industrial, commercial and cultural center of Turkmenistan. The economic attraction of this city has deep historical roots: once the Great Silk Road ran through this area where rich bazaars and magnificent caravanserais surprised the travelers and merchants.

The history of civil aircraft of Turkmenistan originates from 1927 when the first airline, which has connected Chardzhou with Tashauz through Tourtkul and Novo-Urgench was opened. On this airline, the Chardzhou aviation enterprise used the “Junkers” JU-13, and airplanes K-4. In total 8 airplanes have been engaged. In 1932, the civil air fleet of Turkmenistan has been replenished with new Soviet passenger airplanes. These К-5 and ANT-9. On their base in the same 1932, the air division which began to serve the airline Chardzhou-Tashauz directly, without intermediate airdromes was created in the Chardzhou airport.

Lebap velayat, the city of Turkmenabat, in 2018, the newly built international airport began to function successfully.

The certificate issued by the Munich Airport of the Federal Republic of Germany confirms the compliance of the new airport complex of the Turkmenabat International Airport with the requirements of the International Standards of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Turkmenabat Airport International has a significant geographical advantage, as it occupies a convenient geographical position, located at the intersection of air routes leading from the CIS countries to Southeast Asia, Europe and America. More ...

To Partners

Turkmenabat International Airport welcomes partners.

• Reliable, transparent, long-term relationships
• Access to the fast-growing tourism and business market
• Bonuses and marketing support for entering the market and for new directions

To Cargo Transporters

Full range of services, including :
• ground handling
• warehousing services
• agency booking and sale of freight

Director's office

phone: +993422 9-4505 fax: +993422 37222
e-mail: turkmenabat.airport@online.tm

CIP department

phone: +99342297709
e-mail: cip.turkmenabat@online.tm

Office (Chancery)

phone: +99342294559 fax: +99342236678
e-mail: office.turkmenabat@online.tm


phone: +99342294548 +99342294549
e-mail: accounting-dept.turkmenabat@online.tm

Department contract of international relations

phone: +99364030708, +99365607543
e-mail: intlog-dep.turkmenabat@online.tm
phone: +99342294557 +99342294544
e-mail: contract-dept.turkmenabat@online.tm

Planning and Economic Department

phone: +99342294554
e-mail: economic-dept.turkmenabat@online.tm

Production and dispatch service

phone: +99342294707; +99342294640
e-mail: pdsa.turkmenabat@online.tm

Hotel with 100 beds

The cozy rooms with modern design provides everything you need for work and leisure. As well as hotel guests can use the services of a beauty salon and gym. The hotel’s restaurant serves national and European dishes and is an excellent venue for various events. Guests can purchase national Turkmen souvenirs and gifts at the hotel’s shop. Breakfast buffet included room rate. More ...

Новости аэропорта


The aircraft boeing 737/800 made technical landing by Nordwind company at International Airport of Turkmenabat

June 14, 2019, 4:13 p.m.


The aircraft RSB-1033 AN-12 made technical landing by Ruby Star Airways company at International Airport of Turkmenabat

June 14, 2019, 3:42 p.m.

International Airport of Turkmenabat announces an open tender for the purchase of fuel filters for refueling aircraft

Fuel filter: FAUDI P.3-842/3001388 – 8 pieces - FAUDI MF 5.1-559/8804528 – 14 pieces - EFK-5/14 – 4 pieces- SE-20G – by type 2 pieces. Companies, entrepreneur’s, the private enterprises are ready to participate in an open tender, please provide a letter of appealing, as well as the listed below following documents and information about yourself Information about the company, legal status, accounting documents, legal address, contact numbers having an experience in this field, reliance letter to participate in representative of company Packages with tender offers must delivered within 30 business days from 09:00 to 18:00 from the date of the announcement. Relevant documents sent to the contract department of Turkmenabad International Airport of Turkmenabat, Shayoly Avenue. Contact numbers (+993 (422) 9-47-03, 9-47-01, 9-46-00 fax +993 (422) 3-07-63)

May 30, 2019, 9:04 a.m.

Motor ýagy: «MOBIL- DELVAC XHP EXSTRA 10W-40» – 3000 litr

Açyk bäsleşige gatnaşmaklyk isleg bildirýän kompaniýalar, telekeçiler, hususy kärhanalar ýüzlenme haty bilen aşakdaky resminamalary we maglumatlary hüdürlemeli: - Kompaniýa barada gysgaça maglumat, hukuk statusy, hasaba alynandygy barada resminamalary, ýuridiki salgysy, kompaniýanyň jogapkär wekili, onuň el we iş telefonlary; - Kompaniýanyň agzalan ugry boýunça bar bolan tejribesi hakynda maglumatlar; - Bäsleşige gatnaşjak wekiliniň ynanç haty. Bildiriş metbugatda çap edilen gününden açyk bäşleşige teklipler 30 (otuz) iş gününiň dowamynda sagat 09:00-dan 18:00 çenli kabul edilýär. Degişli resminamalary Türkmenabat halkara howa menziliniň Şertnamalar bölümine tabşyrmaly (Türkmenabat şäheri Arkadag şaýolunyň ugry). Habarlaşmak üçin telefonlar: +993(422) 9-45-05, 9-46-26, 9-46-00

May 29, 2019, 5:18 p.m.


The aircraft RSB-1033 AN-12 made technical landing by Ruby Star Airways company at International Airport of Turkmenabat

May 27, 2019, 9:29 a.m.

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